• 1918


    In January of 1918, John Alexander MacDonald J.A.M., resigned from Canadian Fairbanks Morse in Toronto, a Cutting Tool distribution company and founded J.A.M. Taylor Tool Company in Toronto. J.A.M. began distributing, manufacturing, and selling cutting tools as an agent for British and American Tool Companies.
  • 1922

    Charter was Issued

    Taylor Tool Corporate seal was made. seal
  • 1940

    Began Manufacturing

    J.A.M. began manufacturing tools and moved the company to Preston Ontario where they purchased a small company from the estate of William Preston on Myrtle Avenue. Business grew due to the war effort, and the growing Canadian Industrial market. Second generation family members joined the business signaling the needs for expansion was needed. Limits to electric power forced another move to allow for additional growth.
  • 1941

    Purchase of Galt Factory

    J.A.M. bought a larger factory in Galt Ontario to facilitate growth for Taylor Tool Co. galt factory
  • 1942

    Telegram Received

    Telegram received on December 29th thanking J.A.M. Taylor Tool for quality products and high levels of service provided during the Second World War. telegram
  • 1964


    John Alexander MacDonald, third generation, took over operations. J.A.M. Taylor Tool began manufacturing in Popular Metric sizes. Taylor Tool was a pioneer in the soft conversion process from Imperial to Metric. The company added Metric to the range of sizes available from Imperial, Pipe, Locknut, Acme and special and standard sizes for reamers. The Right and Left Hand Taps market continued to grow as well contributing to another addition to their manufacturing facility.
  • 1966


    April 1, 1966 - Purchased Lot 8, Plan 908, Cambridge, Ontario J.A.M Taylor Tool builds a new facility to accommodate growth. new factory
  • 1980

    Began Manufacturing Dies

    J.A.M. Taylor Tool began a joint venture with Arch Tool and made the decision to begin manufacturing dies as opposed to importing dies from England. High speed dies and specialized dies were made and Taylor Tool began selling them into the US, market. Taylor Tool was one of a few companies manufacturing and selling specialized dies and the only tap manufacturer in Canada.
  • 1981

    Building Addition

    A building addition was added to the original plant to facilitate growing demand for manufacturing of round and hexagon threading dies.

    Quality manufacturing of Tap, Reamer and die capabilities continue to grow as the plant floor continues to modernize with continued investment in the acquisition of modern equipment to the plant floor.

    In conjunction with Arnos Tap
    first die
  • 1986

    Move of Head Office

    Moved Head Office from 831 Kipling Avenue, Toronto
  • 1987

    Merge of Buildings

    Taylor Tool amalgamated their Head Office warehouse and manufacturing facility into one building.
  • 1996

    Began manufacturing Hex Drive Tool

    In collaboration with our automotive clients Taylor Tool developed special HEX Drive Taps for specific automotive needs. hex drive
  • 1998


    Added an addition to accommodate new capacities
  • 2013

    Began Manufacturing High Performance Taps

    J.A.M. Taylor Tool began marketing High Performance Taps for production manufacturing.

    Taylor Tool also began to manufacture Specialized High Performance Tools in a quick turnaround process.
    high performance tap
  • 2018

    100 Years

    Taylor Tool celebrates 100 years of Excellence
    100 years