Taylor Tool is an innovator in the manufacturing
of Taps, Reamers, Dies and Specialty Products.

Harnessing the most advanced technology and
engineering for our clients across North America.

Spanning over 100 years using the highest standards of
quality, precision and performance in the industry.



Established in 1918, Taylor Tool is a leading Canadian innovator in the manufacture of special taps, reamers and dies. Taylor Tool provides fast on time shipments to a wide spectrum of customers from the smallest job shops, to the largest industrial manufacturers in automotive, aerospace and power generation. Excellent product quality and overall customer satisfaction are the core components of Taylor Tool’s commitment to the global market place.



24 HR Jet Tap





High Performance Taps

Powdered Metal Taps

Custom Sets


Taylor Tool sells through a network of distribution in Canada,

our sales associates can direct you to your nearest distributor.

Taylor Tool is currently increasing it’s U.S Sales Representatives, please contact our sales team for more information.

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