Taylor Tool’s Quantum Taps are manufactured from PM4 Powdered Metal and offer superior wear resistance and exceptional toughness for greater performance than regular High Speed Steel. Quantum Taps powder metallurgy and their unique geometry ensure consistent performance, superior thread quality and excellent tool life for lower costs; they are successful in materials up to 38 RC hardness.

Quantum Taps have DIN Lengths with ANSI shanks and squares, which gives a longer tap with CNC reduced neck design. This style enhances chip evacuation and increases the cutting fluid reaching the threads for reduced friction, galling and heat buildup. The design also reduces contact between the tap and the work piece. Quantum Taps withstand high heat and the stress associated with high speed CNC production.

Quantum SPX Spiral Point Taps are designed for efficient threading of through holes. The shearing action of the spiral point provides a free cutting action and ejects the chips ahead of the tap eliminating chip problems and chip damage to the threads.

Quantum SFX Spiral Flute Taps are designed to lift the chips from the hole in blind hole applications eliminating the chips damaging threads or causing the taps to break.

Quantum RFX Roll Form Taps eliminate chip removal and allow for higher machining rates through the process of cold forming rather than thread cutting. Quantum RFX Roll Form Taps can be used in a wide range of Ductile Materials. The lube grooves act as a conduit for lubrication during tapping operations, especially beneficial in blind hole threading.

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