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With the growing possibility that food prices soar in the New Year, which is more important than ever you learn how to be a frugal cook. With some simple adjustments to their current habits can save a lot on your food bill.

First, planning the future. Develop a meal plan and stick with it. Check your local store flyers to see what foods are on sale. Try adding foods based week what's on sale.

Go through your cookbooks and choose recipes that use vegetables that are in season. Fall crops include hottest all vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, turnips and potatoes. Stews are great fall and winter recipes because they use these fall crops and cheaper cuts of meat such as beef stew. Do some nights without meat. Chile beans and rice or vegetarian are just two examples of classic meals without meat, but the search of his books the reception for more.

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Use a slow cooker for cheaper cuts of meat. There are many recipes available for cheaper cuts of meat, but usually involve longer cooking times to soften up the meat, so plan for extra cooking time when using a slow cooker.

Second, make a list of all the elements needed in the grocery store. Group from the list for all the same items in the same section of the store are together to make your shopping trip easier. Buy only the items listed.

A third way to be frugal cook is to use all the leftovers. Either freeze for later use or make creative use of leftovers. His dish of leftovers to make a cake pretty. Leftover potatoes can be added to the bottom of Shepard, or hamburger as filler. Just get creative with what is before you.

Increasing their own herbs is a fourth way to be frugal cook. If you are using less flavorful cuts of meat, herbs and spices can go a long way to improve the taste, so it must make good use of them. Since herbs can be a very expensive to buy in the supermarket, you have to take into account the growth of their own. Most can easily be grown in a garden in summer and dried for later use or grown within the framework of the kitchen window.

Tip number five is to find Ways to save the items when they think they can not be used. Two common problems arise from sugar and salt. Do not throw your blood sugar becomes brown when hard. In short a crust of stale bread in a sealed bag, along with brown sugar and you will realize that wet himself again in about a day or two. Sugar is getting more expensive all the time, so this simple thing can really save money.

The salt can occur when groups went bankrupt. To prevent the salt to clump together in areas of high humidity, add a few grains of rice. This will absorb extra moisture and save having to buy more salt.

Sixth in the list of ways to be a frugal cook's plan for greater comfort. If you know a particular night during the week will be hectic, easy meal plan to that night. When you are particularly tired you need a meal that is easy to cook, or one that has been frozen and just need to be microwaved. Planning after the difficult nights out will save you from running to the nearest fast food just because you're hungry and too tired to cook. These additional meals can climb out.

Seventh, grow their own vegetables. Now is a good time to start planning for a vegetable garden. If you have problems health care that make a traditional garden difficult, then try gardening. Almost any vegetable can be grown in the correct container. The Containers can be raised to a higher level for those who can not bend or kneel down and are much easier to maintain traditional gardens deleted.

So there you have it seven simple tips to become a more frugal cook. Hopefully the food prices do not rise, but if you do you now know seven ways to be frugal cook

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