My palate is freaking out. Is dairy free creaminess possible?

Will I have to say goodbye to Feta as part of going dairy free? I am not interested in feeling deprived. I love creaminess, it's vital for my gastronomic happiness.I grew up milking a cow with fresh cream and brown sugar on my porridge.

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Some of my friends are horrified at the thought of not having dairy, especially cheeses. They can hardly bring themselves to visit the site, like me when I started this journey. Palate anxiety has proved to be completely unnecessary. I have discovered a delicious dairy free feta and herb oil dressingonline that made my taste buds go OMG this is better than any dairy feta I have ever had so I thought it might calm your nervous palate too.

Here is a short list of creamy dairy free options to soothe your palate . Add olive oil and your most loved flavors to a base food that will go smooth in a blender, e.g. cooked rice, spinach, beans, legumes or sweet potato.

Raw egg, olive oil and sunflower seeds create a great creamy dressing base. See below for more detailed base jumping recipe options.

Creamy base jumping recipe basics:

Sweet, creamy and textured: blend banana, raw egg (fresh), olive oil, sunflower seeds.

Savory, dip sweet, textured: blend raw sweetcorn, raw egg (fresh), olive oil, chia, little gluten free flour to stiffen to dip consistency.

Aioli type base: creamy textured, velvety dressing base, great with herbs, blend raw egg, cashew nuts, olive oil, garlic.

Instant healthy pudding base: blend avocado, little olive oil, cocoa, banana, vanilla to taste add options like coarse shredded coconut.

I have base-jumped, adding my own variations, like a mixture of pre-soaked nuts and some lemon zest. The cheese was delicious and felt so much lighter than a dairy alternative, add your flavors of choice, like cumin or chili too.

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