Save The Fox theatre auditions

The shows open casting call indicates anyone can audition, but does mention that being prompt and early to the audition is recommended. Written by Brian Newell who also happens to be a local theater professional, the script promises an entertaining array of comedy and music alike. Finding local talent with the ability to embody the characters of Jake and Elwood Blue is what the show plans to emphasize during the auditions Saturday, along with anyone who can sing and dance.

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The Fox Theater, which has had it's doors closed since 1987 will undergo a full renovation with plans to make it a cultural center in downtown Fullerton that will include both classic and indie movie showings as well as a place for concerts and special events. After being a staple in downtown Fullerton for over 80 years while previously in operation, The Fox Theater has already gone some renovation and has even received a $300,000 grant to help with costs of the restoration project.

With the tagline for the show being Were on a mission to save the Fox! The show aims at appealing to a wide audience and with all benefits and proceeds headed toward the restoration project, attending the auditions or being a guest at the shows opening on June 23 is definitely a direct way of giving back to the community.

The aim of the entire restoration project is to provide atheatrefilled with entertainment and cultural experiences for North Orange County residents for many years to come. The theaters true lasting effects will come in the form of appreciation of art, film, music and comedy that will allow The Fox Theater, once complete, the ability to remain a staple in the community of Fullerton for another 80 years to come.

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