"Organized" is NOT Code For "Perfection"

So, let's get real. Perfect does not describe most (or all) people who breath air and have a pulse. So why does there seem to be a vibe out there saying, "being organized means one has to be perfect?" I think not! I also think it's a sad misconception, and one that deserves to be addressed.

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Un-Perfect Confessions of an Organizer.

We've all got a little chaos in our lives, including yours truly. Yep, and I have chosen to be a Professional Organizer. Why? Because I feel that having piles of less-than-useful things suck energy from my brain and spiritual well-being. So, several years ago, I decided to do something about it. I had stuff laying around, and boy was it a mess. Things I didn't need, things people gave me that never we're used, things I was hanging onto for people and things that just took up space! So what? So, for me, it was a drain. For some, it may not be. However, I couldn't take it anymore! I decided to do something for my own peace of mind.It took a good three years - yes, YEARS to get overall improvement. It took a daily struggle and determination to change small habits. Some of it was mind-numbing, and some of it was downright liberating! I was not born a neat freak (although I must confess that I have always been a "re-arranger"). So I took small to steps to make changes, and so can you!

So, uh, what's the point?

So, what's the point of organization? To find things, to know where your stuff is, to know that when you need something you can find it. "Organized" = finding most anything you need in 5 minutes or less. It also has the fantastic benefit of increased peace of mind: not arguing with your significant other about where the keys are, sleeping peacefully in your bed without piles of clothes or paying the electric bill before it's due. Being organized doesn't mean you have to have color-coded cabinets, files or children. It doesn't mean you have to have everything labeled, and forgo your work to keep everything in place. What it DOES mean is some semblance of order that makes sense for you and your life. And yes, that means you have to keep at it on a regular basis to keep it from getting out of hand.

Small changes over time = big change.

Small changes and actions everyday lead to big time change. Do what works for you. If that means color-coding, by all means, go for it! But a simple file will work if you use it correctly with good habits and the right mindset. Don't try to live up to perfection, because that only leads to disappointment.

So, put your excuses aside and have some hope. Your home or office doesn't have to be magazine-ready, just workable for you. Afterall, you do have a life.


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