There is a lot to be said about setting goals

There is a lot to be said about setting goals and actually writing them down, especially financial goals. I would have to say this is my biggest takeaway from this course.

If I had to pick what else to include here, it would have to be that the whole time Rob was teaching us, he was getting us ready to start a business of our own, one step at a time. I already mentioned goal setting.

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Taking action is another important aspect of building a business. For example, you must implement the following mindset:

  • Actions Create Results
  • Money Follows Action
  • I Am An Action Taker

The actual business model that we are using is as follows:

  • An 'S' product is essentially one that is founded, first on providing services before turning it into products
  • An 'S' and 'T' business is one that can generate testimonials first otherwise income will come very, very slowly
  • An 'S', 'T' and 'M' business is a service business that generates testimonials, but quickly generates a growing income

So, with those principles in mind, we have each begun our business by writing an ezines article and submitting it to Rob for payment and a testimonial. We then wrote 3 more articles and submitted them to 3 of our fellow students, who, in return, gave us a testimonial. Then, Rob supplied us with a Sales Letter Template to use to build our website around. Each of us, then customized this sales letter, named our business and put it up on the web.

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Footnotes - Happy I stumbled upon these people.

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