Do your part to help the Earth!

I know it seems almost inconceivable to think that starting your car and letting it run for five minutes to get the heat or air conditioning going has any effect on the earths overall well-being, but when you multiply that action millions of times , there's no doubt that it has a serious effect.

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Simple things that we do, (or don't do), have aserious effecton our planets irreplaceable atmosphere. Here's a very simple example: How many times a month do you go to the local coffee stand and get your coffee in a paper or cardboard cup?

You've probably thought about how many years it takes for that cup to decompose, but have you thought about the energy that went into the production and transportation of that cup? And done the math ??

Do you reduce, re-use and recycle? Why not make it your goal to reduce the amount of garbage you produce by recycling and composting? Your local government can probably provide you with a list of how to separate your items for recycling, and every item that you can re-use or recycle is one less item in the landfill- for years,perhaps Decades.

One of the easiest ways to help is to purchase and use cloth shopping bags. The hard part for me is remembering to take them out of the car and into the store

But once you get into the habit , it becomes second nature. If you just can't bring yourself to do that, then when the clerk asks you "Paper or Plastic", go with Paper!

Yeah, they we're made at a cost to the environment, using trees, energy, and water, but at least they won't be in the landfill until your grand-kids are oldunlike Plastic. Resolve to NEVER accept plastic bags in a store.

Traveling in a gasoline-powered vehicleas little as possibleis another great way to conserve and SAVE . Walk or bike whenever and wherever you can; itll help save the planet and have terrific benefits for your health as well!

If you live in the city,use public transportationwhenever you can. Sure, it's a hassle sometimes, and it requires a schedule adjustment, but it's like the shopping bag example above: It's All About Habits .

Likewise, if you live in the country, carpool to work if possible- and instead of making several trips a week to run errands, save them for one trip. Develop Good Habits .

Listen: If you take justa little timeto think about your daily activities, and how you can do them a little differently, you may find yourself not only helping the environment, but helping your wallet BigTime .

Here's a few other tiny ways to conserve that can also have you Saving BIG:

  • Do only full loads of laundry and dishes
  • Cut your shower by two minutes- and stage it: Soak, turn off the water, soap and wash, turn water back on and rinse
  • Switch to energy-saving light bulbs , and install occupancy sensors in place of switches in rooms like laundry areas, bathrooms, large closets, etc
  • Turning your refrigerator and air conditioner up a single degree can save big- as candialing your water heater DOWNa few degrees

And turning off your computers and other electronic devices at night are all painless ways to help.

In closing, challenge yourself to think before you act for a few days and you will amazed at how easy it is to begin the process of Living Green.

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