Scam Alert! Beware Real Estate Buyers

We invest in real estate to make a profit, right? I don't know about you but losing money and wasting time does not sit well with me and I refuse to be caught up in the lie's that some Investor's and Realtor's are telling these days. I get it, sometimes people get desperate for money and need to pay for Jim Jim's schooling and they cut some corner's. What they didn't consider by cutting the corner to pay for Little Jim Jim's schooling, the Investor they sold the house to now cannot afford to pay for Little Susie's Schooling. Decisions, Decisions, and these are the type of decision you will be facing as a Realtor and Investor when selling homes.

Remember, inflating prices, whether intentional or out of ignorance can land you behind bars. The law does not accept "I didn't know" as a plausible excuse. You've been warned!

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The fact of the matter is Wholesaler's and Realtor's would waste a lot less time and do way more deals. Rehabbers and Landlords would take less losses and have more money to buy from Realtor's and Wholesaler's. Real Pro's know about the trick and if they catch you doing it, it will probably be the last time they ever entertain one of your deals.

To Those Of You Who Know Better and Do It Intentionally, Taking Advantage of New, Ambitious Investor's and Homeowner's Who Trust You and Have No Real Knowledge of Real Estate Values. D@mn You. You'll Eventually Fall Into The Grave Your Digging Yourself and When You Do I'm Throwing a Party and Your Not Invited!

The Crime:

Inaccurate comparable sales. When comparable sales are inaccurate it may lead new investors and homeowners to make a purchase thinking a house is worth much more than it really is.

My Dear Wholesaler's,

This is one of the major reason's you continue to put sub par homes under contract for TOO MUCH money and your contracts expire. Some of you do it because your just flat out lazy and want to make 10,000 dollars not doing much of anything, so you refuse to dig deeper into your comps.

Why Are The Comps So Inaccurate?

Because unless Your a SUPER G, like Me, and The other True wholesaler's around the country you are using Bank Bought Bank Houses in your comparable Sales.Whoops!!! An you don't even know it. It's not your fault, but remember the law won't see it that way. Pro's know their market and the premiums or not so premium prices houses will fetch based on it's condition in their investing market. Without the Comps, with few exceptions, but there's always an exception to the rule.


Just because Bank of America buys a home back from auction for 100,000, does not make that house worth 100,000 or is it an acceptable comparable sale.

You need to learn how to properly make offer's so you sell more house and waste less time. If your'e a home owner or new investor and your looking to purchase a home this will help you so you go into your negotiations with more confidence.

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